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Brain Scan Studios is a digital media company
building awesome websites and publishing amazing comics.


Brain Scan Studios was originally founded in 1999 in sunny Orlando, FL and is owned by Brian & Christine Kirsten.

Our products include FictFact, a website for keeping track of your book series and publishing comic books and graphic novels.

The Team

Brian Kirsten CEO of Brain Scan Studios / CTO of FictFact
Brian is an entrepreneur, software engineer with over 25 years of experience, writer and publisher.  View Brian  Kirsten's LinkedIn profile
Christine Kirsten Co-founder Brain Scan Studios / CEO of FictFact
Christine has a passion for reading that borderlines in obsession, plain and simple.  View Brian  Kirsten's LinkedIn profile
Richard Ehring Community Manager of FictFact
With over 25 years of QA & Engineering experience, if you've got an issue Richard is the man to solve it.  View Brian  Kirsten's LinkedIn profile